Adahi El Eid 2024 

Welcome to Adahi El Eid Campaign!

Eid El Adha is a special celebration! It’s more than just dresses, toys, and sweets; it carries profound meanings that unite the community. This celebration showcases generosity and giving, with Udhiya reaching the homes and tables of those in need, allowing everyone to share in the joy and teaching children the values of love and kindness. 

For those in need, Eid is different. Daily sustenance becomes harder, and their children yearn for joy. Each Eid brings parents the pain of helplessness. They long for change, but the harsh reality and burdens make Eid a heavy time.

This is why the "Adahi Al Eid" campaign was created—to provide relief and support, making a meaningful difference. We aim to give Eid true significance and joy. We ensure your Udhiya is distributed following religious and medical guidelines, taking care of preparation, cooling, and packaging, so they reach needy homes without deducting any administrative fees from donations. Our main goal is to create a happy Eid for all! 

The cost for one Udhiya, which includes a sheep weighing over 50 kilograms, is $260. 

You have the option to donate a full Udhiya or multiple ones, or contribute any amount you wish towards the cost.

Our goal is to bring joy to 2,000 families by distributing approximately 125 Udhiyas to needy families in Lebanon.

Collected: $18
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A $260 donation secures

1 family sized portion of meat

A $520 donation secures

5 family sized portions of meat

A 1000$ donation secures

1 sheep - 16 family-sized portions of meat

A $100 donation secures

1 calf share, yielding 17 family portions of meat

A $500 donation secures

4 sheep - 64 family-sized portions of meat

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All your donations will directly reach refugees.
No deductions will be made for administrative fees.

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For inquiries: 
You can directly contact our team to answer your queries regarding Adahi El Eid campaign at the following email address:

At Hand Team, we are committed to

Acting as the bridge between donors and​ beneficiaries,

ensuring that every donation reaches those in need without any administrative deductions

Raise $32.500

 to secure 125 sheep, each weighing over 50 kilograms.

Secure 2000 

Families during Eid El Adha. 

Engage 8,000

Happy child in Eid El Adha 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Will my Udhiya be documented, with the video or images sent to me?
Of course! Just let us know what you'd like to capture, and we'll make sure to document it for you.

2. Can I donate a small amount or a share?
Yes, absolutely. We accept donations of any amount, including shares.

3. What is the deadline for donations?
The deadline for donations is the third day of Eid al-Adha. This allows us enough time to prepare and distribute all sacrifices before the end of the fourth day of Eid

At Hand, we commit to being the link between the donor and the beneficiary, without deducting any administrative fees.

0% HAND Administration fees.